Songwriters have many choices when deciding where to cut song demos. Options range from creating a simple guitar vocal on your smartphone to doing a full-blown track that costs thousands of dollars. Some say, “A great song doesn’t need a full demo,” but the reality for most songwriters is that a professional, well-executed demo says that you are serious about your work, and shows the song is it’s very best light.

Here’s Why Kelly James Productions is a Great Choice for Your Next Song Demo

– Competitive prices. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best quality at great prices. Owning our own studio gives us an edge when it comes to pricing, so you get a great value.

– Producing matters. With each song demo, Kelly provides a pre-production session (phone, Skype, e-mail) in which he will speak to you about the direction you envision for your song. Kelly’s songwriting experience comes into play as he offers suggestions and tweaks on the material as needed. He also talks about instrumentation to make sure he hires the right players for the session. This is a key part of getting the results you want on tracking day.

– High Level Engineering makes a difference! In many studios you get an intern who may or many not be experienced. In every session at Kelly James Productions, Kelly is at the helm as engineer, and he brings the experience of over 70 million records sold to every track he works on.

– Top studio musicians who’ve played on huge records will bring your song to life. They all have a great attitudes and long relationships with Kelly which makes for a wonderful creative environment.

– Charting is included with each song demo, so the song is ready to go in the “Nashville Number System” format.

– Tracking Day is fun and exciting! Your song charts are handed out, all the musicians are ready to go, and it’s time to make some magic! You can attend your tracking session in person or via Skype. It’s incredible to see your song come together with all the talents in the room collaborating.

– Professional Demo Singers will make or break your song! Never skimp in this area. We have a line-up of singers who will truly amaze you. Kelly is a master at producing vocals and together, they bring your song to life. Each of our singers also add excellent background vocals that give extra fullness to the track.

– Mixing is an important step in getting the finished product that POPS! Kelly draws upon his experience to create demo mixes that usually sound like records. We get a tremendous amount of feedback from our clients that Kelly’s demo mixes are the best around.

– Files are sent to you and you will own 100% of the content. We don’t take any rights to the song. If you want to use the track for anything other than demonstration (demo), you must speak to us since that is considered a Work for Hire and requires an extra fee and paperwork from the musicians.

We hope you’ll consider cutting your next demo at Kelly James Productions. Shoot us a message HERE. We’d love to answer any questions you have!