When planning to cut a single, an EP or a Full Custom Record, many artists “studio shop.” Although finding an excellent recording studio is important, and Kelly owns an excellent studio on Music Row, the finished product really depends on the person “behind the wheel.” As a producer, Kelly takes the time to understand your artistic vision and then articulates that vision from start to finish of your project.  Developing artists is at the heart of what we do at Kelly James Productions.

We work with a range of budgets, so don’t be shy to contact us about doing a single, EP, or record. You can contact us directly HERE

How it Works

1. The process begins with the songs. Some clients come with every song in place and some artists need to develop the material. For those who need songs, Kelly places the artist into co-writes with top Nashville songwriters. He has developed these relationships over many years, and you’ll find that these co-writing connections are a huge benefit of working with Kelly. He can also do song searches from top writers and publishers to fill in any areas that the project may be lacking. Finding that elusive Hit Single can make or break the success of your project!

2. The next step is to work on the artist’s “niche.”  In today’s music market, it’s more important than ever to carve out a spot that sets you apart.  These things are usually subtle, but make a distinctive difference.  There are so many artists, and consumers have so many choices…. how are they gonna find out about you?  And why will they feel the need to tell their friends about you?  These are questions every serious artist needs to ask themselves.

3. In pre-production, the producer puts all the pieces together to create a cohesive project.The songs are arranged, players for your project are selected and booked, and songs are charted. Getting a clear game plan in pre-production gives you the best results from your tracking session.

4. Tracking is the moment of truth when the studio musicians (or your band) bring your song to life.If you’ve never seen a Nashville tracking session, it is pretty incredible. The musicians are given your chart, listen to the work tape, the producer gives them direction for the song, and then they make magic happen. The artist is usually there to sing the scratch vocal during the tracking session.

5. After we have the tracks, it’s time to cut vocals. This is a specialty of Kelly’s. His background includes a degree in music and he uses his skills in vocal coaching to support you in your vocal tracking. Beyond the vocal sound, Kelly is passionate about getting a strong delivery of each and every line. The finished product is a track that is the very best you can be. Many of our artists say they never knew they could sound so good!

6. Now that we have your tracks and your vocals, Kelly makes the magic happen. He comps and tunes which means he takes the best vocal lines and then hand tunes each note to make it perfect. You’ll still sound like YOU but on your best day ever. Kelly’s music doesn’t “sound” like it’s been tuned. It just sounds great.

7. Background vocals are added. Kelly has sung on hundreds of tracks over the years, and he often does the backgrounds on the work he produces. If female or other background vocalists are called for, he uses top Nashville talent.

8. Mixing is an artform and Kelly has studied with the best. He is very influenced by his work with Chris Lord-Alge (Bruce Springstein, Rolling Stones, Greenday, Daughtry, Avril Lavigne) and also his long working friendship with Buddy Canon (Reba McEntire, George Jones, Chely Wright). On custom records, Kelly works many hours on the mix for each song. This special attention to every layer of the music is what makes your song really POP.

9. Mastering is the final step and although you can work with anyone you choose, Kelly has a long working relationship with Brian Foraker (Heart, Whitesnake, Lynyrd Skynyrd). Great mastering gives your track a second set of “ears” and is the final step to making your music radio ready.

Below you’ll find a sampling of artists Kelly has produced.